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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 107

with Clinton Callahan, Anne-Chloé Destremau and the Study Group Team


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14:26:03 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:30:42 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:31:00 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:31:07 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:33:27 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : As Good As It Gets (movie)
14:59:24 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : Ender’s Game (book) by Orson Scott Card
15:19:46 From James Samuel To Anne-Chloé & Clinton(privately) : Hello Anne-Chloe. as Clinton is talking about the study group team, I wonder if there is or could be a telegram group for the study group. To
make these connections easier.
15:27:58 From Angela Niederberger : I have the book only in German...I would love to have this 2 pages "8e" in english. Can someone send it to me?
15:55:27 From Janet Redmond : How long til the next ones?