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Start Your Archan Gameworld (worktalk)

with Clinton Callahan & Anne-Chloé Destremau


There is a spark, dormant in your Being, probably since you were born, telling you things could be different. Things could work better. People could grow up and be supported to deliver more of their awesome potentials. The world could thrive instead of barely survive.

For your spark to burst into flame, humans need new gameworlds to step into. Certain individuals have the lust to support new kinds of social interactions by building out Archan gameworld infrastructure.

New skills are required to apply your nonmaterial value in a structure that others can create within. They are waiting for you to build this. What are you waiting for? Let us come together and flame on!

As per tradition, in addition to distinctions and questions, this worktalk includes live practice.

SPACEHOLDERS: Clinton Callahan & Anne-Chloé Destremau
WHEN: Thursday, 3 August, 6.30-8pm CEST / 1.30-3pm BRT / 12.30-2pm EST

13:48:56 From Israel Kairós :
13:51:28 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
13:51:48 From Markus Bork :
14:05:30 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:20:35 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:51:55 From Robert : How do you all find out about your pasts lives? Is the a possibility tool for it?
14:52:20 From Gabriel H. Lechemin : EHP
14:52:39 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:52:42 From Robert : Reacted to "EHP" with 👍🏼
14:52:56 From Gabriel H. Lechemin : Emotional Healing Processes
14:53:30 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
14:55:44 From Vera Franco : Dear new gameworld builders, I will go a couple of minutes early for another call. Thank you! I have an invitation for us: It would be that each person here has a small next step that they can conclude in the next 24h, and a bigger step that they can conclude within the next 7days. My short next step is to read through a new codex and write notes. And the bigger steps is to write about the Bridge House Training Centre. Goodbye!
14:56:41 From Gabriel H. Lechemin : Thank you Vera
14:59:19 From Aje Bruecken : Can you give some info about the telegram group, please?
14:59:41 From Robert : Thank you everyone. I got to go. Was great listening to all of your visions.
15:01:27 From Markus Bork : Jördis Thielsch

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