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Gaian Road Team - Meredith Little - Practice of Living and Dying

interviewed by Clinton Callahan (2016)


As our tiny Gaian Road Team tuned in and listened to instructions from Gaia, each impulse led us to make inexplicably coincidental meetings with the Edgeworkers, Social Alchemists, Riftwalkers, Bridge Builders,
and Possibilitators who are inventing and inhabiting next culture - Archiarchy.

These remarkable beings commit to themselves as much as to the novel outcomes they are creating. They build-out new gameworlds and inhabit them. They trust discoveries from their own research and freely share everything they have learned for the benefit of all.

We are so happy to share these intimate conversations from around the world with you. Here you get to meet so many radiant next-culture Beings in our Gaian Road Team Interviews. We hope you become as inspired and hopeful as we are about what is possible.

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