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The Archearchal Woman

Who is she? by Anne-Chloé Destremau with Gabriella Sternfeld


As long as a woman chooses to survive in the Patriarchy she remains an uninitiated woman. The Patriarchy has no intention of initiating a woman into what she truly is. The Patriarchy has also no intention of initiating a man into what he truly is. The dominance of the Patriarchy relies on the weak mind, heart and soul of uninitiated men and women as economic slaves. In addition to being a slave, a woman’s usefulness for the Patriarchy is to be a sex object for the men. A slave and a sex object. 

The shift from woman to Woman can only happen in a different culture which emerges out of a different context: Next Culture. Escaping the Patriarchy is the first priority for any woman who has any intention of discovering the joy and ecstasy of becoming Woman.  


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