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Ecoversity Workshop - Initiation Based Learning Path

Vera Franco 8 March 2022

This is Vera Luísa Franco's talk given 8 March 2022 for Ecoversities Planetary Gathering Conference for Re-Imagining Education taking place in Egypt from 21-26 March 2022.

In this talk Vera delivers distinctions from her work in Rage Club, Gremlin Transformation, Adult Ego State Decontaminations, Possibility Coaching, and Possibilitator Training. Her WorkTalk description says: "Shifting the Context from 'education' to 'initiation' - creating Gaian Initiations Centers and Bridge-Houses that deliver authentic adulthood initiatory processes as a way of growing Adults in Radical Responsibility, and co-creating Next Culture (Archearchy) by delivering extraordinary Nonmaterial Value in the world."

Vera Franco is a Possibility Management Expand The Box Trainer, living in the Writing Bridge-House, a Nomadic  Nanonation of Possibilica. Her website is

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