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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 72

with Clinton Callahan, Anne-Chloé and the Study Group Team

After listening to the entire recording, enter the Matrix Code: NCRADIO2.51 for Game. Login here:


18:57:25 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:21:12 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:21:29 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:24:42 From Jeff Shub : is there a separate TG group for this study group?

19:25:11 From Eva Daubert : We use the Possibility Creation Village Group

19:25:23 From Jeff Shub : thank you

19:25:30 From Emunah Shapiro : How is it possible to join?

19:25:58 From Jeff Shub :

19:26:17 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:37:00 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:37:17 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:37:36 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

19:44:52 From Ana-Maria :

19:57:12 From Dimitra : I declare I am looking also for a partner

19:57:49 From Joh. Sauerbier, Neu-Ulm : I am looking for partnerS to practice EXPERIMENTING

19:59:17 From Joh. Sauerbier, Neu-Ulm : Please define what you understand by PARTNER ...

20:00:13 From Mark Sundlie : I am NOT "Looking for a Partner..." I am exploring who I am and how I am blocking being "open, conscious, and available" for relating to others.

20:02:06 From Mark Sundlie : Dor - do you also feel Sadness?

20:29:49 From Michael : Not even „to do the exercise" as reason!

20:33:09 From Michelle Manjarrez : Thank you for this study group. The resonance with recent experiences was extraordinary!






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