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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 36

Clinton Callahan and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.14 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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00:32:55 Michelle Manjarrez: “what could be?” Thank you Kay.
00:39:52 Dor Sharabi: there is one thing all of us can do, for animals. not the ones that are in the wild and get heart by fireworks, but the ones that are in cages waiting to being eating, taking thiere babies for milk, and so on...
00:40:55 Kay Vogt: veganism?
00:50:41 Christine: Are there also women trainers giving back their passports? Or woman you know of who did that?
00:55:49 Nicole:
01:08:07 Mia Glick: I saw a pile of Xmas trees and I felt sad, mad and afraid because I think I’m living in a community of zombies. The trees were still alive and piled up at a garbage site. Why is it important to cut a tree and have it as a symbol then only to discard it. UGH!
01:08:09 Shannon Chamberlain: I feel joy hearing your share, Michelle.
01:08:57 Dor Sharabi: thank you for sharing Mia
01:11:41 Clinton Callahan: Gremlin Reconstruction Process by Anne-Chloé
01:12:13 Vera Franco:
01:12:21 Vera Franco: This is the online PM offers from around the world
01:13:41 Vera Franco: To Mark: one possibility is to stand in front of the person that you stand in front of, allow yourself to slow down enough to be in the small here, small now, small you. Be in front of that person until the word comes out of your bodies. Maybe it will be different each time with the same person, maybe not.
01:15:04 Mark Sundlie: I am looking for a word that I can use in writing and speaking - that can be shared with others.
01:22:48 Michelle Manjarrez: Thank you process team!
01:22:58 Eithne Leahy: I have to drop off the call. Thank you everyone for your shares; I feel so fed by this space. Sending all my love to everyone in their journeys over the next week!
01:31:24 Nicole:
01:37:25 Clinton Callahan:
01:37:49 Vera Franco: Nayade, thank you for your stand! there are so many amazing resources here ->
01:38:29 Janet Trevino: Nayade, I’ve been there. I have child protective services called on me 3x and have had the police show up at my door multiple times. It was so scary… and I’m so grateful for how I raised them. It has gotten harder as they’ve gotten older, and I’m ready for it!
01:39:06 Kay Vogt: Unschooling on wikipedia
01:39:47 Janet Trevino: I also pulled my 10yo daughter out of school to unschool this year. It’s amazing what’s she’s doing. Thank you for sharing!
01:39:48 Nicole: I am a facilitator in an org like that, lets have a call.
01:40:26 Vera Franco: Unschooling - anything from John Holt.
01:42:34 Habet: thank you Nayade
01:46:28 Amba: dear all, have to jump to the next. thank you for this space and sharing. love amba
01:47:17 Nayade Temes: thank you all
02:01:07 Tatjana Rienecker: How to find out what you are? How to find out what I am?
02:04:15 Nicole: 113