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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 29

with Clinton and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.05 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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17:02:55 From Raul Floricel : hey bro,
17:02:58 From Raul Floricel : thank you
17:03:38 From Devin Gleeson : It’s better, but imperfect
17:03:44 From Maria Maayan : Sounds great to me
17:03:53 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : It’s better now !
17:03:59 From Phyllis Goldman : sounds good to me too
17:04:15 From Callista Snively : sounds good
17:04:25 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : It’s cutting in and out !
17:09:51 From Shannon Chamberlain : Devin, I empathize with the need to fix, to resolve, instead of simply observing and being in it.
17:11:11 From Jeff Shub : The audio is cutting out a lot
17:14:31 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Very helpful, thank you !
17:16:29 From Michelle Manjarrez : He’s been Avoiding feedback - especially giving.
17:17:17 From Florian To Clinton Callahan(privately) : I have an idea to fix your sound, it probably would be too disrupting to try during the call, but we can try at the end
17:19:23 From Mia Glick : “What can I do to connect w y better?”
17:20:03 From Mia Glick : "What would it take for y to feel more inspired for y to connect w me?”
17:32:51 From Dor Sharabi : sham is what 3 feeling ?
17:33:01 From Jeff Shub : Fear, anger, sadness
17:38:26 From Florian : Spark_135 - It might not be about your parents – the Theory of Parasitic Entities
17:44:33 From Florian : Clinton you killed your microphone
17:44:46 From Jeff Shub : I think he did
17:47:42 From Pontus Dowchan : Clinton, its much more silent now, your speach.
17:52:29 From Amba Kaufmann : hey all, have to leave in a minute. thanks for the sharing. would love to stay and have another commitment. see you next week amba
17:53:50 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Thank you for sharing, Christine and Clinton. Thank you for the asshole-stuff !
17:58:18 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Thanks, Janet !
17:58:45 From Shannon Chamberlain : Ditto to what Ingrid wrote.
17:58:52 From Shannon Chamberlain : Thank you.
17:59:47 From Mia Glick To Clinton Callahan(privately) : It seems as though Clay’s gremlin wrote into the WhatsApp study group. I feel fear that it’s purpose is a child-level low drama and that it will provoke a gremlin feeding. It’s ok with me although I want want to “fix” it and I just wanted you to be aware of her message. My purpose is to protect the space and I am not the space holder. I feel glad because I think it will be a great opportunity for growth
18:21:39 From Shannon Chamberlain : Jeff, I missed what you were saying. …and yes, this reading is something that I needed to connect with… It is bring up a great deal for me in this moment.
18:22:15 From Jeff Shub : There’s a reason that woman had three boys and there’s a reason you were called one to read that piece. I could feel something coming up for you.
18:28:16 From Florian : Can you type the author and name of the book?
18:28:23 From Mia Glick : Jeff what is the title of the book?
18:28:33 From Jeff Shub : King Warrior Magician Lover
18:28:45 From Jeff Shub : Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
18:28:51 From Florian : Thanks!
18:31:04 From Pontus Dowchan : Now Mia, I really want to hear it
18:31:14 From Michelle Manjarrez : Go Mia!
18:31:30 From Giselle Fiumara : we want to beat it Mia
18:42:08 From Janet Redmond : bye for now everyone
18:42:21 From Mia Glick : There’s a place located in a canyon in Utah near the Colorado border I found, very remote but easily accessible by car or bike, where sacred land exists and land is offered for archetypal gatherings and a portal of opening for Mother Earth to speak. It’s between a river and grand 2,000 ft bluff. I will take you there. That’s my offer. Nearby is a place called Gateway. And there is a sacred space built for gathering in comfort. My story and the experience I had happened there. I invite everyone to join me there. I will take you there. There’s a physical gap, an opening for earth to speak. She spoke to me. It was a grieving experience. My brother is dying and she invited him inside her and told me he would be ok, the earths ready to welcome him. I saw her, she rose-up from the mud. Thank you. That is my story. There was also a large grand stairway up to a throne, and a open large gathering space to sit-in circle.
18:43:08 From Shannon Chamberlain : I too feel joy, Ingrid. Thanks for asking.
18:43:25 From Devin Gleeson : <3
18:43:33 From Phyllis Goldman : thank you!!!
18:44:17 From Christine Ploschenz : WOW!
18:44:20 From Shannon Chamberlain : Mia, my goodness.
18:44:33 From Jeff Shub : That’s so special! What an experience!
18:44:53 From Kay Vogt : Mia ❤️ I wanna go there with you
18:44:56 From Shannon Chamberlain : I want to come to Colorado now.
18:45:07 From Jeff Shub : How many bedrooms do you have?
18:45:08 From Phyllis Goldman : I want to go there Mia and will find a time when I can drive there. Thank hou
18:45:08 From Raul Floricel : Have a great night/day to everyone and thank for your sharings/study group.
18:45:18 From katherine kaufman : mention gateway
18:45:28 From Annie Hopson : totally
18:45:29 From Maria Maayan : YESSSS! Thank you, Mia!
18:45:33 From Jeff Shub : NOW
18:45:40 From Jeff Shub : A year from now?
18:45:46 From Shannon Chamberlain : NOW
18:45:48 From Giselle Fiumara : Mia, thank you for sharing. What a profound story. you are now transforming the energy of your fear into action
18:46:00 From Giselle Fiumara : inviting all of us to go!
18:49:20 From Mia Glick : Alittle more context: In Gateway, Colorado is the place we can all meet and stay, info on Gateway Canyon resort and spa is online. Camping is available too. This spot is 12 miles from this resort, many opportunities for adventure there into the rock, river and land
18:51:23 From katherine kaufman : hello all. i was blessed with mia there as well . the whole town and resort is for sale. possibilities abound.
18:52:13 From Kay Vogt : it’s for sale?
18:52:24 From Pontus Dowchan : Thank you all for this space.
18:52:39 From Mia Glick : Ya, 10K acres, water rights, etc for $129m
18:52:52 From Christine Ploschenz : Cool!
18:52:58 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Thank you for the question, Phyllis. Very helpful, your answer, Clinton.
18:53:06 From Kay Vogt : oh
18:53:11 From Mia Glick : Would make a great conscious living village