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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 28

with Clinton Callahan and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.04 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

Login here:


17:17:25 From Josef Fesel : question: I have bought the digital german version of RJBL … is there an English digital version available ?
17:17:58 From Vera Franco : Yes Josef, I have it on my kindle, I think sold by amazon
17:18:17 From nicolewagner : What page are we on?
17:18:27 From Jacky : 93
17:22:50 From Amba Kaufmann : clinton, what about talking without video?
17:23:25 From Clinton Callahan : Amba, I will try it as we go along.
17:27:01 From Vera Franco : better
17:28:55 From Vera Franco : Lower the numbness bar down
17:29:03 From Vera Franco : That’s what Clinton said.
17:29:36 From Vera Franco : until we get the less than 10% intensity of all 4 feelings.
17:34:24 From Vera Franco : “They (energy and info) were already in you before you shared” I think was what Clinton said.
17:43:58 From Mia Glick : Please mute your screen. Some still hv the mics on
17:48:29 From Michelle Manjarrez : Yes, thank you Vera, Callista, Clay. Ronen, Lisa, Phyllis and Maria. Your shares were very helpful.
18:14:59 From Mia Glick to Clinton Callahan(Privately) : Who r the contacts in Boulder or Colorado? I want to connect asap
18:15:18 From Clinton Callahan to Mia Glick(Privately) : I will send them to you after this.
18:18:07 From Clinton Callahan to Mia Glick(Privately) :
18:18:22 From Clinton Callahan :

18:18:50 From Josef Fesel :
18:18:51 From Fauna M. : link doesn't work
18:18:53 From Fauna M. : o
18:18:56 From Florian :
18:19:03 From Fauna M. : 2nd one does
18:19:19 From Josef Fesel :
18:26:49 From Vera Franco :
18:27:16 From Vera Franco :
18:36:26 From Vera Franco : GO JANET!
18:38:56 From Michelle Manjarrez : Janet, Thank YOU. Your Being is wonderful
18:38:58 From Fauna M. : thank you 🙏
18:39:05 From Christine Ploschenz : Thank you
18:41:35 From Janet Trevino (Texas, she/her) : I’m going to the next US lab in February. if any of y’all would like to join me, let me know on WhatsApp
18:58:26 From Kay Vogt : you cut out Clinton. How long did you say you think it takes (if you gave an answer)

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