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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 27

with Clinton Callahan and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.03 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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17:12:39 From Michelle Manjarrez : Your share made me feel happy Leslie! Go go go
17:57:56 From Christine Ploschenz : I ones heard: If you want to suffer through the process of growth, self-improvement, learning or the process of life in general fix yourself to something that can be changed. However if you fix yourself to self-improvement in and of it self then you are not gonna suffer so much.
18:19:03 From Florian (Seattle) : I might disappear any minute because I have another meeting and I'm not sure yet if it has been rescheduled or if it's about to happen. Thank you for the space and I'll come again!
18:34:33 From Stefanie : thank you Nicole for this beautiful sharing
18:35:21 From Pontus Dowchan : whats the name of the book=
18:35:22 From Pontus Dowchan : ?
18:35:58 From Christine Ploschenz : I think it is: „good night Feelings“ in English
18:36:04 From Florian (Seattle) :
18:36:08 From Pontus Dowchan : thanks.
18:36:08 From Christine Ploschenz : „Gute Nacht Gefühle“ in german
18:38:18 From Callista Snively : Phyllis....a book for teenagers would be wonderful
18:38:39 From Clinton Callahan : film: Freedom Writers
18:43:48 From Doris Kieselhorst : thank you Mia for saying that it is important for you that i am here
18:48:59 From Amba :
18:49:22 From Amba : this is the link for hook. the movie is really just about what clinton is talking right now…
18:54:54 From Amba : need to jump out! thanks everyone for your sharing! love amba
19:01:36 From Christine Ploschenz : It´s the same with boredom
19:01:37 From Vera Franco : thank you everyone! trainer path Portugal starting now! that's me!

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