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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 26

with Clinton Callahan and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.02 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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17:10:21 From Shannon Chamberlain : - it’s the first SPARK
17:30:08 From Josef Fesel : I have bought the german version of the RJBL book (in *.pdf) .. is it available in English as well ?
17:41:41 From Mia Rosen Glick : What is the name of #16?
17:44:41 From Josef Fesel : power hero
17:51:19 From Mia Rosen Glick : What about the white widow?
18:15:02 From Christine Ploschenz : Why are some boxes seen as advantage towards other boxes in terms of expansion if you say the actors box as a shapeshifter can expand „faster“? Is there win and lose behind that then? Why does this matter?
18:20:09 From Mark Sundlie : Distinction Boxes - "Conscious boxes" tend to be tools I can use.
"Unconscious boxes" tend to cause discomfort to my life.