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Permaculture & Possibility Management - Part One

Discussion between Dan Palmer and Clinton Callahan

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Permaculture & Possibility Management - Part One

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A while ago, I - Clinton - spontaneously sent a copy of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love to the office of David Holmgren in Australia out of the blue. David is co-founder and vision holder of the permaculture gameworld. I felt there was deep contextual resonance between the outer-permaculture of David Holmgren and Bill Mollison, and the inner-permaculture of Possibility Management. An activist for the evolutionary emergence of inner/outer-permaculture, Dan Palmer, author of Making Permaculture Stronger, found the book on David's coffee table, devoured it ravenously, immediately enrolled in Expand The Box training at the Maori village Tapu Te Ranga near Wellington, was completely confirmed in his suspicions of the collaboration, and yesterday we made the first in a series of PC/PM (permaculture / possibility management) podcasts.

You can see the full video here:

This one came from Dan's consideration that the first word of the permaculture precept (Conscious design of nature-mimicking systems providing for human needs locally.) has not landed in the permaculture gameworld. How to integrate consciousness into outer permaculture? Check it out also here: