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Creating Possibility in the face of Unspeakable Predicament

Conversation with Dean Spillane Walker

NC-RADIO.05 (1 matrix)

The Impossible Conversation is closer to a vlog than a podcast. In this ongoing series of personal rants and revelations, Dean Walker tells it like it is from his perspective. While other podcasts are meant to be an easy-going delivery of this complex and daunting topic of the collapse of human and Earth systems – The Impossible Conversation is meant to be much more gritty and direct. If you are easily offended by a bit of course language or bold assertions about where we are all headed and what got us here, you might want to stick with the more traditional podcasts on this list. If you are hungry for keeping it real and having a safe space to vent your own “shitty first draft” about the state of our world… come join me in, The Impossible Conversation.