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Gesellschaftswandel (society change)

Get out of the hamster wheel

Interview with Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloe Destremau

After quitting her long time job, Birte Vehrs had questions: How do we change society? How does this change come about? What about money? What is the path? Birte invited more than 30 researchers to interview them, hack those real and ever-more-pressing questions and bring them together under the conference Gesellschaftswandel, in English The Evolution of Society. Clinton Callahan was invited and brought along Anne-Chloe Destremau, a young walker of the path and Michael Poertner supposedly a translator but in reality much more.

Interview for Gesellschaftswandel I (NC-RADIO.02, 1 matrix point)

Check out the video interviews here:

Interview for Gesellschaftswandel II (NC-RADIO.02, 1 matrix point)

Check out the video interviews here:

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