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Worktalk: Women Co-Creating Archiarchy

Anne-Chloé Destremau & Vera Franco, translated by Lisa Ommert


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The latest Women of Earth Worktalk: Women Co-Creating Archiarchy.

What is the part of you that might need to be bury, and put to rest so that something else can show up free of your original constraint?

When Women come together in space made safe by the Clarity and the Sword of Stewardship, we can relax our survival strategies. As a woven net we jack into resources than overshadow our personal worries. Suddenly, we are on each other's Healing and Creation Team.

A Legend post-Worktalk:

Dear Women,

I wanted to share with you about my magical week following the worktalk. I am so thankful for all of this that I have no words. On Tuesday, I felt so much joy and energy, and I could see my next steps so clearly that I couldn’t believe it! However, I also recognize that when I’m this excited, I tend to get stuck again. Now I understand it’s the mix of joy and fear that holds me back, and this is also an EHP for me.

On Wednesday morning, Kristoffer and I had our first "Growness circle call" with our clients. I work in Kristoffer’s company, and we are committed to transforming the „busi-ness into a grow-ness." It was magical. We used the Torus Technology to address the resistance (about recording the session) and then practiced "asking for possibilities" with their most painful topics. It was amazing—the clients were impressed, and we had so much fun!

In the evening, we hosted an event, a movie night at our co-working space. The movie, titled "Augenhöhe" (Eye Level), is about companies in Germany that have transitioned from modern world hierarchical structures into self-organization; it’s 10 years old. Two people attended, one client and his wife. We watched the movie and afterwards we had a space about its topics. We spontaneously practiced "asking for possibilities" and "neurotic speaking and vacuum speaking." It was truly magical. I felt so grounded, sure and supported during this.

Since May, a friend and I have been holding space for a physical women's circle once a month. I am committed to practicing rage work, vacuum speaking, and Emotional Healing Processes with them, as well as sharing my healing story, just like I will do here. In the coming week, I will start my EHPs and spaces with the women here in my team. I feel joy and fear.

Thank you so much!

Worktalk write-up:
In Patriarchy, women are raised to remain insecure little girls because a woman who knows her worth - a woman who has reclaimed her authority to create what her being truly wants to create - is very uncomfortable for the status quo.

A Woman Of Earth bases her entire life on completely different values than those of the patriarchy. She is not afraid of being alone because she creates the love and intimacy she desires wherever she goes. She is
unhookable because her Dignity does not come from the numbers in her bank account, how much she has achieved, her age, how many children she has, whether she has a partner or followers, whether she has written books or appeared on the cover of a magazine is. Her dignity comes from her Being her Bright Principles in action.

Modern culture operates from a very low standard of responsibility where women are mostly functions of men, and men are busy with fights for power and material value.

Women Of Earth retain their authority and ability to act instead of handing it over to men or the values of modern culture. This gives them space to create multiple Next Cultures based on higher and radical
levels of Responsibility.

Archiarchy is already unfolding with every step that a Woman takes with Dignity on her own path, with every lowering of her Numbness Bar, with every refusal to further fuel the competitive game among women, with every generous, radiant movement with which she provides her Nonmaterial Value to the world.

What is your next step towards creating Next Culture? Which old ideas are blocking you and which new perspectives and skills can you develop in order to move in the world as a Woman Of Earth in Collaboration with other Women Of Earth?

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