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Transformation Or Not

Jim Zarvos and Clinton Callahan



There are moments when mages consult one another, vulnerably asking their dangerously real questions, sharing what is close to their hearts. This is one of those conversations. Ordinarily this interaction would have been lost, but with Zoom, we grabbed it for others to think about.

Twenty years before now, these two men met in Germany, inventing transformational and healing processes for edgeworkers, building stepping-stone experiences to help people move along the bridges over the void to next culture - archiarchy - the regenerative adulthood-initiations and nonmaterial-value centered culture rapidly emerging around the world now that matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course.

The point is, your interest in these themes indicates who you are your role in the Great Turning, the cultural shift from patriarchy to archiarchy.

Thank you for your courage. Let either of us know if we can do anything to help unfold you or your project's archiarchal agency. We need you playing full out in the world, now more than ever before.

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