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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 99

with Clinton Callahan, Anne-Chloé Destremau and the Study Group Team


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19:52:27 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

20:11:38 From Ann Elizabeth Hopson : Please write this book title

20:12:05 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : The White Witch of Tenerife by Clinton Callahan

20:15:20 From Angela Niederberger : could you tell again where we are in the book?

20:22:38 From Janet Redmond : My 6 th grandchild Arakai ( means Peaceful Warrior) born on May 5th. A result of his Grandmother’s prayers.

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With each child that’s born a Morning Star rises

It’s still time to

Call the next generation that the world needs forward.

20:24:52 From Janet Redmond : What’s the author of Magical Child ?

20:25:50 From Janet Redmond : Joseph Pearce found it

20:28:00 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : Harold and Maude (film)

20:28:29 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : Angela, we are page 238.

20:29:30 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :

20:36:12 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton : Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder

20:41:13 From Ann Elizabeth Hopson : Harold and Maude link: