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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 44

Clinton Callahan & The Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.35 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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17:02:51 From Nayade : thank you, I will have my cámara off I am with kids, but I am here and listening.
17:03:32 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Welcome, Somea !!!!!!
17:04:22 From Naomi Warndorff : I am here but on the road and I don't want to distract with the moving image.
17:04:41 From Brianne Vaillancourt : yay Naomi!
17:08:05 From Michelle Manjarrez : GO Dor, Jeff and Giselle!
17:09:07 From Josef silent on train : I am on the train, need to be silent with mask ;-)
17:10:03 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Vera is there!!
17:10:03 From Janet Trevino : I’ll be in Seattle this week!
17:10:26 From Michelle Manjarrez : Florian is in Seattle
17:10:34 From Mark Sundlie : I am in Seattle area.
17:11:30 From Kay Vogt : YAY! Janet! Mark! I learned PM in Seattle, lived with Florian and the gang
17:12:28 From Eithne Leahy : possibilitator meet-up in seattle?! let’s make it happen!!
17:13:12 From Kay Vogt : right on Eithne
17:13:14 From Janet Trevino : Thursday night is ideal! (Early-ish if possible)
17:13:59 From Kay Vogt : let’s take it to Telegram later
17:14:08 From Mark Sundlie : Thursday. 4 PM or so?
17:18:05 From Naomi Warndorff : that it's beautiful
17:19:39 From Naomi Warndorff : I notice inauthenticity because of tension in my solar plexus/chest. I'm literally oppressing myself. Emotions. Lots of stories in my head.
17:21:21 From Christine Ploschenz : Yes, I usually feel that in my bones
17:23:12 From Naomi Warndorff : I second Anne/Chloé. And fear from stories it's better to be small
17:23:14 From Christine Ploschenz : Yes angry. Thank you Anne-Chloe
17:24:06 From Jule Geller : For me its anger and sadness. sometimes mixed.
17:24:24 From Gloria : If I’m authentic my being is in a flow state. when I begin to question that my mind takes over and fear comes in.
17:25:06 From Margie’s iPhone : I feel anxiety during inauthenticity
17:25:40 From Janet Trevino : For me It’s easy to be inauthentic in my authenticity as manipulation. I know what people consider is authentic & I can play pretend that I’m being authe
17:25:47 From Janet Trevino : Authentic when I’m not really
17:26:23 From Janet Trevino : I know I’m being authentic truly because there’s fear… I lose control. This is true authentic.
17:27:04 From Naomi Warndorff : thank you Janet
17:28:43 From Josef silent on train : ran a workshop today, I felt my face going into a nice-smiling-mask today … leaving my center and focussing on getting positive feedback from the participants …
17:30:20 From Anne-Chloé Destremau :
17:30:39 From Michelle Manjarrez : Thank you for noticing Josef.
17:31:59 From Mark Sundlie : Authenticity "happens" in the small now. I can Be authentic but there is not an Authentic Mark...
17:32:07 From Nayade : When I am getting triggered, the part of me that is I authentic is my gremlin. and when I am centered is my being
17:33:00 From Lindsey Elms : What does “Matrix Code” mean? ….. “Matrix Code: PARTSxxx.01”
17:34:50 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Matrix Code are codes for the Game. Lindsey, if you read How To Play, it explains how to use Matrix Code for the Game.
17:43:10 From Sophia-Magdalena Hofmann : Good Bye for today - I am going Raging with German boxes! :)
17:43:12 From Lindsey Elms : thx
17:43:42 From Michelle Manjarrez : Rage away S-M!
17:45:20 From Mark Sundlie : Ondra is next...
17:46:19 From Jule Geller : thank you for sharing shannon!
17:47:22 From Christine Ploschenz : I am heading of to the online Team with Dagmar & Michael. Thank you all!
17:48:08 From Mark Sundlie : Clinton Audio cut out.
17:51:19 From Janet Trevino : Gaslighting… oooo… yes. Here, too
18:14:41 From Dor : what I hear is that authenticity is about realizing there is no such thing as an authentic "I"
18:18:23 From Michelle Manjarrez : Thank you Clinton!
18:19:14 From Janet Trevino : I recently heard “Becoming free from the known.” I love it!!
18:22:40 From Janet Trevino : Yes! Placenta… it does require a serious push! Yes… another birth. Second birth.
18:23:44 From Janet Trevino : And then we eat our placenta… I wonder what that could mean in this stuff.
18:24:14 From Shannon Chamberlain : Janet!
18:24:57 From Mark Sundlie : Eating the Placenta/Box! YES! Thank you for this new matrix!
18:25:55 From Anne-Chloé Destremau :
18:26:13 From Anne-Chloé Destremau :
18:27:23 From Nayade To Anne-Chloé Destremau(privately) : thank you twice for sending the becomecentered link
18:35:06 From Nayade : I do have it
18:46:06 From Mark Sundlie : Can Not Hear You Jeff
18:46:09 From Naomi Warndorff : your sound didn't come through
18:48:15 From Mark Sundlie : Jeff Technical failure
18:48:56 From Janet Trevino : Spiritual bypass
18:50:19 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Naomi, would you think about a definition with me about ‘neurosis’? It’s been one of my question lately
18:50:23 From nicolewagner : Thank you all.
18:50:38 From Naomi Warndorff : yay yes
18:52:51 From Janet Trevino : I could get paid for failing! committing to failing. Ha! I like that. (If only failing was my neurosis)
18:53:52 From Christopher Arcuri : Clinton! How does Neurosis and Authenticity connect??
18:54:30 From Naomi Warndorff : AND neurotically authentic
18:54:41 From Naomi Warndorff : as a box thing
18:55:07 From Janet Trevino : I love hearing about people’s neurosis when it feeds them… I love these stories!
18:55:08 From Naomi Warndorff : or non violent communicators
18:55:44 From Naomi Warndorff : Janet will you organise a session about that
18:56:02 From Janet Trevino : Oooo… I can invite in telegram. Ok!
19:00:59 From Lindsey Elms : YAY Janet and your son <3 !!!!!!! so refreshing to hear this ….