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Radiant Joy Brilliant Love: Week 39

with Clinton Callahan and the Study Group Team

NCRADIO1.24 on for StartOver.xyx Game.

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CHAT Week 39:

17:01:09 From Ingrid Schmithüsen : Thank you, Anne-Chloé ! It worked !
17:09:27 From Mia Glick : Christine, what is your email?
17:10:38 From Phyllis Goldman : What is the new definition of Fucking Bitch: 1. An Awe-inspiring woman who is centered in her power and knows how to birth new worlds. 2. A mind blowing , powerful woman who breeds life into this world with ideas and change
17:11:21 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Welcome Carola!
17:12:09 From Michelle Manjarrez : Welcome Carola and Hannes!
17:22:52 From Phyllis Goldman : This is exactly why the male called me a fucking bitch. He wanted me to take care of his emotional, child like needs, and I consciously choice not to do that.
17:24:01 From Christine Ploschenz : Oh yes. But a fucking bitch chooses to fuck herself and thrive in her own ecstasy and not give her sexual energy to the needy child in the male …it is about energy
17:24:16 From Anne-Chloé Destremau :
17:57:39 From Doris Kieselhorst : Dor, you can also contact me, about Costa Rica.....
17:58:05 From Dor : thank you doris ! are you there in costa ?
17:59:18 From Doris Kieselhorst : Yes, i am in CR since 10 month.... in Montezuma
17:59:48 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Contact with Jodie Foster
18:00:13 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Intestellar with Matthew Mcconaughey (or something like that)
18:00:19 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Ad Astra with Brad Pitt
18:02:39 From Christine Ploschenz : I really didn’t get in my hearing what Clinton said about proposal because I am sweating out of fear so much. However I get what needs to be there. Thank you. My fear of being outlawed for what I have to say is quite high right now. I will catch that later…Thank you
18:03:13 From Anne-Chloé Destremau : Thank you Christine. Please would you report to us how your process goes later?
18:03:48 From Christine Ploschenz : Yes
18:04:02 From Mia Glick : Christine, I appreciate your sharing.
18:04:21 From Shannon Chamberlain : Yes, thanks for your share, Christine.
18:04:26 From Michelle Manjarrez : Me too. Thank you Christine.
18:06:03 From Phyllis Goldman : very courageous Christine!
18:18:20 From Christine Ploschenz : I will go . I am grateful for the space. I can’t sit and listen to the words of unconditional love right now. I will take of and be it. There are too many feelings and movements at the same time right now. I need to take off. See you later
18:22:40 From Anne-Chloé Destremau To Vera & Devin(privately) : Let’s do this on the Trainer Path Gathering in June!
18:22:51 From Vera & Devin To Anne-Chloé Destremau(privately) : HELL YEAH!
18:24:11 From Hannes Neu-Ulm : Firewalking on the 25th of March does take place WHERE?
18:26:41 From Michelle Manjarrez : We each figure it out for ourselves. Go Hannes!
18:31:29 From Hannes Neu-Ulm : Clinton froze
18:31:53 From Mark Sundlie : The energy is big - Clinton's computer can't handle it!
18:35:48 From Anne-Chloé & Clinton :
18:36:05 From Nicole : I am making a graduate studies team about that!
18:36:43 From Naomi Warndorff : I'm leaving now. Thank you
18:37:26 From Mark Sundlie : Thank you Naomi.
18:57:48 From Sophia-Magdalena Hofmann : good bye everyone - see you next week!! ❤️
19:03:10 From Nicole : Goosebumps!
19:03:19 From Michelle Manjarrez : Thank you Ingrid.