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Non For Profit Businesses

From Local Futures - Economics of Happiness

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From social enterprises to credit unions, a new wave of not-for-profit businesses is pushing back against the assumption that consumerism and competition must drive the economy. In this episode, we speak with Jen Hinton of the Post Growth Institute, co-author of a forthcoming book about how the line between businesses and not-for-profit organizations doesn’t have to be as rigid as you might think.

Note: Since this episode was released, Jen has made a working draft of her book available as a free pdf.

Related links:
How On Earth – the website for the forthcoming book.
Beyond capitalism: not-for-profit business ethos motivates sustainable behaviour‘, by Jen Hinton and Donnie Maclurcan, Oct 2014.‘s factsheets about worker cooperatives, social enterprises, municipal enterprises, community development corporations, and community financial institutions.

Photo: Goodwill Industries, one of the first entities to blur the line between business and nonprofit.
Music by: Gillicuddy (CC BY-NC 3.0), Chris Zabriskie (CC BY 3.0), and Podington Bear (CC BY-NC 3.0).

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