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Evolution of The Possibilitator Training

with Anne-Chloé Destremau, Vera Franco and Clinton Callahan



Evolution of Possibilitator Training - Take a Stand for the Gameworld of your Speciality.

Archiarchy unfolds within Gaian Gameworlds centered on Nonmaterial
Value, Radical Responsibility and Initiation.

The Possibilitator Training Path is taking its next evolutionary leap at
the edge of sourcing Archiarchy. It has become clear that the job of a
Possibilitator goes beyond delivering your Nonmaterial Value of Healing
and Transformation.

A Possibilitator's job is to Cavitate Space for never-before-existing
Gaian Gameworlds so that other people can join you as you inhabit
Archiarchy. If you build it, they will come. If you don't build it, no
one gets to inhabit Archiarchy.

You are Builders for all sorts of Gameworlds ranging from Initiatory
Processes, Thoughtware Upgrades, 5-body Health, 3 Phase Healing,
Mediation, Archan Child-Raising, Archan Permaculture, Archan Law,
Preparations for Initiation for Youth, Guardianship, Media Outreach,
Book Publishing, Bridge-Houses, Archan Shamanism...

Becoming a Gameworld Builder is a shift of identity. It requires new
awarenesses, skills and a deepened upgraded Context.

Clinton and Anne-Chloé are serial Gameworld Builders and Gameworld
Consultants. In the company of Vera Franco, spaceholder for
Possibilitator Training, we invite you to join these context-upgrade
Global Possibilitator Training calls.

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