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Archetypal Lineage - Worktalk

Clinton Callahan & Anne-Chloé Destremau



After listening to the entire recording, enter the Matrix Code: NCRADIO2.92 for Game. Login here:

First and foremost, the Archetypal Lineage website:

For the Possibility Books, find them here: - I encourage you to keep the
books coming, have the next book waiting for you. If you find that you
cannot read, these are often wounds from school. Please go through the
Emotional Healing Processes to reclaim your agency and ecstasy to read.

For the Possibility Films, find them here:
We especially recommend, Accepted, Freedom Writers, The Sourcerer’s
Apprentice, As It Is In Heaven, Avatar, Bagdad Café, Casablanca,
Chocolate, Dave, … I’ll stop here, at the letter D, because so many of
the Possibility Film are about ‘ordinary’ people finding their
Archetypal Lineage (even unaware of it themselves). Watch them all!

For Archetypal Domains resources:

For Skills:

For Healing: (mentioned by Clinton)

If there is a Team that is design for you to prepare yourself to jack-into
your Archetypal Lineage it is the Possibilitator Training. This is the
core purpose of that Team. If you are in the PT, and are missing
practicing the skills for preparing yourself, then bring these skills
into your meeting. If you are not yet in the Possibilitator Training, I
recommend you read the website and get in touch with Vera Franco who is
the spaceholder for the gameworld.

Anne-Chloé's website:
Clinton's website: